Wow - I went through the whole of September without a Love List! Shame on me, especially since there's so much I love, and there's so much I have to be thankful for. I just have to make it up with this list.

* is one coolass ickle toddler. While thedramadiaries as a name has been around for five, six years now since Livejournal, my own domain, which I've recently renewed, no longer wears droopy diapers cos' my baby's turned two! I know I did a massive giveaway when my baby turned one, so this makeover marked its turning two. I will be doing an awesome giveaway soonish though, although because of the nature of the giveaway, the contest will be open to those residing in the +65. 'Like' the Page on Facebook to be the first to find out about the contest!

* My Passport And I do mean it quite literally - my bright red Singaporean Passport that I have enveloped in a snakeskin fuchsia cover I got in Madrid is something I've never been thankful for. I have so many friends that bitch about having to get visas to go anywhere, and I can literally, get up and go if I wanted to.

* Halloween! If there are two things I'm so thankful to America for, it has got to be Tex Mex and Halloween. [If there's a third, I'd be thankful to the big US of A for J. But there's no third in this point for now. Heh.]. The Halloween weekend is 22 days away. What are you going to be this year?

* Work I've been up to my tits with work, and I need to learn how to say no to work. The problem is work keeps coming, and I keep saying yes, and I seem to be working all the damned time - and while it's never a bad thing when cheques roll in at the end of the month, when free time becomes a luxury, it's not so much fun any more.

* Closet Clearout While in some instances I'm a junk collector - I keep things for emotional or sentimental value, there are other things that scare me that I need to clear out. My wardrobe is one of which. Kids are afraid of what's under the bed, I'm afraid of what's in my wardrobe. Which is why I'm clearing out my crap bit by bit. I've listed some bags and hats and shoes on sale tonight, so check them out!

* This:

* Other worthy mentions: Finally being in the same country as my boyfriend, Paul Bakery opening in Singapore, H&M in Singapore [still not over it even though I'm not a Fall/ Winter kinda girl! Now, can we have Pinkberry here too?], planning my New Year's vacay [even though J's doing most of the planning], dreaming of European sojourns, feeling like you're 10 ft tall after Pilates.

What's on your Love List, kids?