A Little Slice of Paradise

Working in the media has officially ruined me.

To-die-for sojourns to Europe, meals in restaurants people have only dreamt about, and sleeping in hotel suites whose one-night's stay cost more than a lot of people's monthly income (JIA Shanghai - best hotel in the world!) has sure made me a discerning luxury traveller, but it has also made me a bloody snob.

While my travel companion was floored by the amazing junior suite we got at the hotel for how little we paid for it, I found nit-picking opportunities - how the breakfast buffet lacked diversity, how the hotel staff couldn't do this and that, etc.


This only lasted for an hour upon arrival though, because we caught the sunset on a longtail boat after, and then, I was floored. I daresay no other place in Southeast Asia can boast the impeccable pristine beaches with emerald blue crystal clear waters like Thailand can. And let's not forget the $5 massages and the delectable food! :o)

I only wish I had more time! :o(