I love TV. We've already established that many, many times on this blog. Since I've started dating J, this obsession has been amplified because of his television background - not only has he introduced me to heaps of new old shows [meaning new to me, but old generally, but they're awesome!], he's also been fuelling my need to constantly find new shows to watch. During the summer, he told me that two new Mad Men-esque shows will be coming out in the Fall, namely The Playboy Club and Pan Am.

Of course, The Playboy Club turned out to be a disaster, much to my dismay , but Pan Am, is rolling out to be a pretty good watch.

Christina Ricci's character reminds me of a chihuahua, especially in the latest episode, and of course, no thanks to her extraordinarily petite frame. My favourite is Kelli Garner's feisty Kate character, with her big, blue eyes and her soft, pouty lips and her cute red hair - of course, I love that she's a double agent. ;o) I don't even mind the French girl so much and I'm not exactly fond of the French.

Now that we've already established the fact that I will anticipate the arrival of Sunday nights in the US and curse every American holiday that is about to come our way that will disrupt TV schedule, let me go on to say this - why was everything in the 60s so glamorous?

The golden era of advertising, to serving food in the skies - it was so cool then - not the coolest of gigs now. And why wasn't I alive in that era? From the 50s you have the pin-up glamour, circle skirts, and then you move to pill box hats, and cute little dresses you have to wear crinoline under. From undergarments to hairstyles, everything was perfected to a science. I love that attention to detail. Seriously, I was born to live in those two eras and now shows like this just taunt and tease me.

Of course, then I'll show my mother some dress that Joan wears, or a bag that Kate is carrying and she'll go, "Oh, I used to have that. But I sold it." Thanks, Mom, dangle the dream and take it away, why don't you?