I've known Jeremy for as long as I've worked in the industry - I came into the business as his intern, and now, he's not only become a friend, he's a confidante, he's someone I look to for advice, and he's someone I love very much.

Unfortunately, Jeremy might get beaten up very soon and there's nothing I can do about it. Amongst the many skills Jeremy has [some of which I never needed to know], Jeremy makes a very good spy. Or a pervert, whichever way you see it. See, Jeremy has the incredible ability to take photos of cute boys up close on his iPhone without them even realising it. He has albums - and I do literally mean albums - of boys in various places that he's travelled to on Facebook. Not that I'm complaining of course. You shouldn't be too.

Without further ado, the boys of New York:

What do you think of Jeremy skillz?

P.S.: The boys of New York are yet another reason why I love the city. SO MUCH.