I have a lot of love for Whole Foods. I get a stirring in the loins when I'm in a Whole Foods supermarket. It's like the god of all badass supermarkets - from sexy packaging to weird organic shit that I love [case in point - green tea root beer. what. the fuck.] to incredible food you just want to devour all the time. I know it may be too much love for a supermarket, but I love supermarkets. My favourite supermarkets of all time in the world is a toss up between the Union Square Whole Foods [because of all the cute boys I often perve at when I'm there] and the massive one at Siam Paragon because the the hot sauce selection makes me quiver in joy. In case you haven't been to a Whole Foods store because they've decided to be selfish and kept Whole Foods only in the US, they have everything - cooked food [and such good Indian food too!], salads - all kinds of salads, pastas, baked meat, cooked meat, raw meat, bagels, breads, sushi bars. It's awesome.

This has got to be one of the best things I've ever tasted - baked tofu with almond crust. I died a little inside: