If I were Chinese, my mother would love me because I want to wear red and pink all the time. But I'm not Chinese. Unfortunately for me [but fortunately for my bank account], the Zaras and the H&Ms aren't exactly stocking my favourite colours this season. All I see when I look around are black, drabby shades of boring - no offense to people who wear only black and shades of it - but I prefer only wearing black to funerals [or at clients' events when dress code specifically say black, much to my dismay].

I think people wear black not just because it's slimming, but also because you don't draw attention to yourself. But the problem is, when all your life you've never fitted in anyway, why even bother trying to? I say embrace it - embrace not fitting in, wear whatever you want to wear [without looking like an eyesore], and flaunt what your momma gave you. ;o)