Last night, one of my life-long dreams happened. I watched a burlesque show. It wasn't any burlesque show. I waited two whole hours, with the lovely company of my boyfriend, Jeremy and his clan for the one-and-only Dita von Teese to get nekkid on stage .

In J's words, it was a high class strip show. She flashed her pearly whites, then she flashed her toned gams. She daintily took off her pantyhose, and then threw it into the audience. She played faux-surprise flashy flashy as she took off her corset to reveal sparkly nipple tapes. What she also revealed were a pair of perfectly-shaped breasts - implants of course, so I looked them up this morning. Apparently, she had her breasts done when she was 21 - and boy, those boobs have been sculpted well.

Boobies aside, 'twas quite the night. Muchísima gracias fab Word of Mouth Communications peeps and Cointreau for the invites! And for the pink sparkly nipple tassel on the super cute Cointreau shaker!