1. Why girls dress like prostitutes. Is there a reason why your bra is showing? What happened to the times when underwear remained as underwear and it wasn't trendy for girls to flash their side-boobs or play faux surprise flashy flashy with their hoo-hah? Why do girls line half their lids with black eyeliner like look like street walkers? Who the hell, and why the hell has looking cheap been made cool?

2. Why people contact me, get me all excited about a project & then go ... "can you do it for free"? Are you a charity? No. What part of this looks free to you?

3. Why people confuse what they have with who they are. Never wearing a single piece of clothing for more than once every three months does not make you a better person than everybody else. Neither does the car you drive, or your perfectly blow-dried hair. Get a better personality.

4. Why women settle for less than what they deserve. Whether at work, in a relationship, at home - sometimes, you need to go with your gut and think a little less.

5. Why you can't love anything more than something you miss. Go figure.

6. Why I stub my foot at the very same spot at the corner of my bed at least once a fortnight and I've still done nothing about it

7. Why oversharing is not an act of generosity. I do not want to know about your sexcapades or what colour your phlegm is. Neither do I want to know about your bowel movements.

8. Is that a pick up line, or a press release?