I told J about wanting to buy an apartment in the near future of late. Not because I'm proposing to him [for the uninitiated, suggesting to buy an apartment together is a very Singaporean way of proposing marriage. God forbid I get proposed that way.], but because, I guess, I'm growing up. I don't want to save for a bag or shoes - I want my own place.

Anyway, I made my way to Ikea Tampines this evening for an ambassadorship event, which I welcomed with wide open arms. While I'm saving for a place of my own, I also desperately need a room revamp. I moved to this apartment when I was eleven, and whilst the content of the room has aged, the furniture still looks like it belongs to an eager beaver 11-year-old. All I really want to do now is dump all the furniture in my room and get a new bed, new wardrobe and a new book shelf. And figure out how I can install a shoe wall somewhere in this mess. I will spare you from plonking a photo of my dated room here.

We got a tour of Ikea, and even though I've been there heaps; it proved to be insightful although I kept getting distracted by all the pretty things on display. Like the Christmas decor. Seriously? Makes me want to throw a Christmas party:

Now that I'm into house-buying mode, every time I travel, I'm going to start hoarding knick knacks I want in my home. Not that I haven't already, but man, my home is going to be badass. With an Ikea skeleton, of course. So I can say this:

I eyed a few things I loved, like this red couch, and this incredibly affordable island:

In case you're looking to buy a mattress, you shouldn't just touch it or sit on it. Ikea encourages you to try it. Lie on it, like I did, and I found myself drawn like a bedbug to a succulent mattress to this one:

I like things firm you see... I mean mattresses, and pillows. Get your mind out of the gutter, kids.

And one of my two most favourite parts of any Ikea store, the kids' section. SERIOUSLY. It is awesome being a kid. I think I'd make an awesome mom not only because I love children and I'm great with them, but also because they'd have the most wicked awesome rooms, toys - it won't be luxurious, it'll just use every ounce of imagination possible, and I love that Ikea encourages that. I remember as a kid, my mom used to dump me at the ball playroom in Ikea Katong and I'd be in complete heaven. Little Faz didn't know what she was missing:

Oversized leaves over beds. How cool:

Masak-masak toys. Dude, I used plastic shit and Vitagen bottles to play house when I was a kid. This masak-masak stove/ sink/ oven toy is unreal.

And the top of my list - the fact that their stuffed dolls are multi-racial: White, Yellow and Brown. It's awesome.

All I need now are the geniuses at Ikea to come to my room and give it a complete makeover. Please?

To come... Part II of Ikea - my second favourite thing about Ikea: THE FOOD. Pray tell, what's your favourite thing to eat when you're in Ikea?