I spent the last four days in Hong Kong - making it the fourth trip I've made to that part of the world in the last couple of years. While so many people liken HK to Singapore, I think otherwise - it's similar, but also vastly different. Because of the space constrain, the insane numbers of PRCs and the constant congestion, I could never live there.

It's funny, since H&M opened in Singapore, I realised that when I go to places that I used to relish going into H&M like Hong Kong or Europe, I don't feel like it's quite necessary anymore since we have it here. Not that that stopped me from going into the stores though. I'd elbow a PRC where it'll hurt the most for a cute skirt anywhere in the world.

My highlight of the trip, other than a bike ride touring Hongkers, was probably staying at The Ritz-Carlton - exemplary service, incredibly views from my room on the 115th floor [and the heated pool at the 116th floor], great food and my favourite part - there is a TV in front of the bathtub. Ingenuity at its finest.

Next up on my global domination - a ski trip! Watch this space and find out where I'm headed! ;o)