About slightly more than a month ago, my editor at Designaré HOMME texted me and asked if I wanted to go skiing. Duh. Like I'd say no to a free trip.

I'm usually fond of "normal cold weather" - anything above 5ºC and below 20ºC. Of course, when I was told that where I was going could get as cold as -30ºC, I packed every piece of winter clothing I owned in two suitcases and hauled them over. Likewise, the morning when we were going skiing, I had about seven pieces on clothing on me under the rental ski gear which were way too big. Like it was not enough that the Chinese thought I was a terrorist, on top of my Santa suit, I had three hats, two hoods, a pair of goggles and a face-covering scarf so I don't get burnt from the cold. Who'd thunk that was possible?! But my nose and lips did - it was painful.

Removed my gloves to take these photos on my iPhone and after 10sec of snapping, I couldn't feel my fingers anymore.

On snow plow position in the middle of the slopes camwhoring. #win

My first skis; and the dorkiest photo of Simone & me on the slopes.

The slope we skied down; and the super cute Simone, from Simply Her.

And being the competitive fucker that I am, I wanted to be good at skiing! Like any sport, it can be very daunting at first, especially out of a sudden, you have waaaay longer feet than usual. I thought after the morning I wouldn't want to bother with skiing anymore, but I was bouncing off the walls in anticipation of skiing even more. It was SO much fun - exhilaration, speed... it was like an episode of Man vs. Wild. And wo(man) won this time!

I did fall over once. I was gaining too much speed and couldn't go into snow plow position fast enough. I could choose to fall over or force myself to continue standing and possibly fall over harder, so I did the former.

Would I ski again? Hell yeah. 'Cept I want to get my own Santa suit next time I do! And because I am awesome, [and cos' Simone sent me the photo], here we are with our hot French instructor: