January: New Year's Day in Bali. In search of Nasi Lemak.

One of my favourite pieces ever by H&M.

February: Interviewing Chippendales

2nd hand woolen Burberry dress tucked into a Zara skirt. Both pieces I still love.

March: Trying out colourblocking. And totally loving it.

April: I bought coloured pants for the first time in my life. It's now a staple piece.

May: Showing off my American Apparel petticoat that I love and am still trying to buy one in every colour

June: At my cousin's wedding, in a traditional Indian outfit

July: Shooting in Forever 21 in my super hot Zara dress

August: My favourite Wheels & Dollbaby pinup-inspired top that my mother detests cos it looks like lingerie.

September: In my spiritual homeland, right in Harlem

October: Halloween!!

November: In Harbin Tiger Park

Zara coat, my hot pink Balenciaga, red tights & black faux leather boots.

Things I've learnt making this list:

  • I have made peace with wearing flats most of the time since I've started dating J. And I find the occasions when I'm towering over people a little welcomed, but a little daunting.
  • I have a shitload of clothes but I wear the same shit over and over again.
What are you favourite outfits this year?