Have we really only got 23 days left before 2012 is upon us? How did this happen? This time last year, I was miserable in a job I didn't like, but I also just started seeing J so it was all butterflies-in-my-tumtum [and I still get them!]... this year has been an absolute whirlwind - beach getaways, career figuring-outing, life figuring-outing, quarter-life crisis, amongst the many things that have happened to me in 2011. It has been a fantastic year, and I'm thankful for it. Here's my 2012 Love List Roundup.

* My teeth I know this might sound ridiculous to some, but I have a teeth complex. I wish my parents put some braces on me when I was a teen, but they were more concerned on sending me to tuition classes so I wouldn't fail Math [they succeeded - I left secondary school with a B in Math, when at 14, I scored a single digit in a term paper. It wasn't stupidity, I was just plain lazy. And I didn't see the need for Math, seriously]. It doesn't help that my boyfriend has perfectly straight and incredibly sparkly teeth. Thanks to the kind recommendations of some people, I've used Crest Whitestrips diligently this year, coupled with excessive flossing and visiting my dentist oh-so-often, my teeth are better looking. They're not perfectly straight still, but I can't bring myself to have metal braces on at this point in my life. I'll just have to live with the fact that one of my front teeth overlaps the other. Oh, first world problems.

* Falling in Love I don't think anything can happen to me in the next 24 days of the year that can top falling in love this year. All my life I prayed to find him, and he found me instead. :o)

* Fitness I am nowhere near skinny but my fitness level and my stamina has improved quite a bit this year, thanks to my fitness junkie brother. I still struggle with my weight and my size, especially since I live in a country of Size 0s who think they're fat, but I'm better now.

* Skin Safe for my eczema, I have relatively problem-free skin and this year, I've started an uphill battle on shielding my skin from the sun so I don't die from skin cancer [hypochondriac alert], as well as anti-aging products [Peter Pan syndrome alert]. While I'm still walking around blindly, I have friends like Andrea and Renee whose blogs are great reads for beauty doofuses.

* Wanderlusting I'm going for a beach vacay to end this awesome year and welcome the wonderful new one, but I'm dying to go here, here and back here.

* Other Worthy Mentions of 2011 Going back to my first love - writing; keeping good friends close and cutting off toxic people; Cupcake Weekend's signature Lemon Drops; Pan Am; my MacBook Air; this adorbs kitty video; realisation that flat shoes can be awesome, though heels are still the bestest; my friends, my family and people I love most and am so thankful for; MY TECH GADGETS, WHAT WOULD MY LIFE BE WITHOUT YOU; dental floss; hugs! and kisses!; H&M in Singapore; writing for LUXE Guides; writing, writing, writing; contributing to ASOS' success; morrrre Jeffrey Campbells in my possession; yoga and pilates; my hot pink Balenciaga.

How has your 2011 been, lovahs?