One of my friends mailed me a Christmas present early and I begged her to let me open it early - not that she would know anyway, but I'm nice like that. ;o) And what a well-thought gift it was: she sent me an atlas, but it wasn't any ole' map of the world - it's a scratch map! You scratch off places that you've been to! I wasn't a geography major in school, so I started with the places I knew, like the Southeast Asian peninsular. I couldn't figure out where Bali was, and where the two islands I've been to in the Philippines were either:

Then, I moved down to Papua New Guinea and Australia, places I'd never go again unless J wants to, so I scratched the whole continent out:

I moved up to the big US of A. I haven't been to Atlanta, but I was trying to find Austin on the map:

Finally, Europe. I couldn't figure out where Holland was either. Man, my geography sucks ass:

Time to make a trip to IKEA and have this framed up! How ingenious.