I've been harping on and on about getting a new bed for the past months - and now I need a new wardrobe too. I've been procrastinating, so my mother, the lovely woman that she is, hauled me down to IKEA to suss out the furniture range, and while we managed to narrow down the bed frame, mattress and the wardrobe that I want, I was more excited about checking out the live Christmas trees they have in store. I've never actually bought a Christmas tree, and - don't laugh - but I kinda expected to find rows and rows of Christmas trees like the nurseries they show on TV. You know, when a family piles into an RV, goes into a Christmas tree nursery, chooses the perfect tree to bring home, and piles it on top of their RV to bring home? Yeah, I was too much telly.

What I found was a neat section of Christmas trees and other live plants to make your home [or office!] as Christmasy as possible:

My mom was sussing out the Christmas tree. It's so lush we thought it was fake:

Then she contemplated of bringing one home:

The Christmas trees are all wrapped up, so it's pretty easy to bring home if you drive:

The IKEA live Christmas trees are affordably priced from $45 for 1.6m to $119 for 2.5m! And have the yummers Daim cake after your shopping! I managed to convince my mother we could only fit itty bitty ones in my parents' apartment, if she wanted to, like these:

I love these plants too, although I'm not sure what they're called:

And these dolls still made me giggle. They look so United Colors of Benetton: