My parents are traditional Indian Muslim parents. Which comes as a surprise to a lot of people, considering how I am [I couldn't imagine how batshit crazy I'd have turned out if they had been more liberal with me]. While I don't have a lot of un-Muslim vices, one of the things they have issues with is the way I dress - short dresses, skanky lower-than-thou necklines, amongst others. I've found some sort of a middle ground - with maxi dresses that have slits right up to my pits.

I had an evening appointment with some people I know last evening at the Hyatt, and of course, being me, I knew exactly what I wanted to wear - a fluoro pink dress with a slit right up my thigh. I also knew that I'd have to shave my legs in the morning and I did - but I couldn't be arsed to shave both my long legs [not bragging, it's true. more surface area to shave], I shaved my right.

Of course, when I put on my dress, I realised that the slit was on my left leg. Sucks to be a woman sometimes.