The Postal Service

I get a lot of mail - both electronic and snail varieties - on a daily basis. They range from media releases, invites, and more often than I'd like it, bills. So occasionally, when I receive a package from a friend or a postcard from an acquaintance, I really get excited about it, which is why I make an effort to send postcards to friends all over the world when I travel. Zoie [who's about 18 months old now] has been getting postcards from me frequently, so does Melanie and Andy, who live in Amsterdam and Hamburg respectively. I received a package from Andrea today; a box of random knick knacks: mole sauce (best thing since chocolate = chocolate sauce you can put on grilled chicken!), Mexican hot chocolate, chocolate (...notice a trend?) and my own magnetic Texan cowgirl paperdoll set! How much fun!

Anyway, with so many of my friends going back home or moving abroad, my postcard-sending list is expanding quite rapidly, but it is still a bunch of fun. I think it's romantic - the idea of a handwritten postcard travelling across the seas, going through so many hands and so many places before it arrives to its destination safe and sound.

Since it is almost the holiday season and I feel like spreading some joy, let me send you postcards! Drop me a message with your address - wherever in the world you are (comments are screened) and find a handwritten postcard from me in your mailbox soon! Tell me something fun about yourself/tell me what I should write in the postcard - it'll be a blast! And I'll leave my address on the card too, so you can send me one!

You may send me Van Cleef & Arpels rings, Balmain dresses and cookies in place of a postcard too. I won't mind! :o)