Thanks for your emails, tweets and even texts of concern, my dearest readers. I didn't mean to disappear on you like that. I've just returned home with a possibly-fractured toe, skin four shades darker than usual and sand in every nook and cranny of my body but I did swim with turtles in the crystal clear waters of the Gili Islands, I devoured my weight worth of BBQed fresh seafood and celebrated another New Year with the love of my life. Perfect vacation indeed. :o)

I can't believe:

  1.  How incredibly lucky I am to find a man who loves to travel as much as I do, and whom I can travel so easily with.
  2. That I lived without makeup for a whole week.
  3. More than makeup, that I lived almost without internet for the whole week. If I can do that, I can take over the world!

Photos to come, of course, and I'll fill you in on my adventures - and misadventures with my possibly-broken toe. I'm going for an xray tomorrow morning - hopefully I haven't fractured my toe. That would suck.

Missed you much too!