The Gilis was something out of a dream - beautiful blue waters, gorgeous skies, and perfect, perfect company. A great end to my whirlwind of a year, and a fab start to my 2012.

UPDATE: Quickie Gilis Guide

There are three islands that make up the Gilis: Gili Trawangan [the party island], Gili Air, where we stayed [mix of both party & chill] and Gili Meno, which is as close to paradise as you can get. While we stayed in Air thinking we'd be bored to death in Meno, when we spent the day in Meno, we really badly wished that we had spent our week there instead. Air was nice, but Meno was amazing. Perfect beaches, crystal clear waters - it was something out of a dream.

I had broken my toe by that time so it hurt like a bitch to walk on coral [which was everywhere in the three islands - there were some parts of the water which was good to swim at, meaning there's very little coral] but the snorkelling in Air was the best. We saw turtles and swordfishes!

J's two cents on Gili Air:

Best Caipirinha: Zipp Bar [Happy hour from 5pm - 8pm] Best Pad Thai: Gili Air Santay Best beach: Gili Meno Corner

How to get to the Gilis?

From Bali, you take a 1.5hr cramped journey in a van to Padang Bai where you'll take a two-hour fast boat to the Gili Islands. We took Marina Srikandi on the way to the Gilis, Mahi Mahi, which was a bit dodgy, on the way back.