• Why is it that long weekends are always so full of hope and promise that, unless you've been out of the country for a getaway, you'd be up at 11.16pm the night before you start working again trying to live the last minutes of your weekend before reality hits. And by reality I mean two months of no public holidays. Say whaaat?!
    • Why people just don't accept compliments and say 'thank you': Person 1: You look so skinny! Offender: No I don't! I'm so fat, there's not enough space between my thighs, and you haven't seen my tummy. Bitch, shut the fuck up and say thank you.
    • Why people lie and say being single is "the best thing ever". If they're in a relationship and they're telling other people that, that's bullshit. Stop lying to people to make them feel better. I've never been happier in my life than now, with J, and everything is just better done with someone you love. Does it mean I think being single is horrible? No, I don't - I love doing things by myself, and with myself [no, not like that!] still. Stop lying to your single friends - tell them the truth, but also tell them how you believe in love. I do.
    •  Why is it that I've worn a bra for more than ten years now and sometimes the damn hooks just don't get hooked. Seriously. Why?!
    • Why people brag about the followers they have on Twitter. As someone who does social media tracking and marketing for a part of her living, let me give you some insider - it's about the ratio. This ratio is a good ratio, for example. Stop bragging - it's not a good look.
    • What happens to email addresses, Facebook profiles, Twitter handles, LinkedIn resumes when you die. I think it's strange that someone somewhere might still think you're alive because your online personas are still "alive".