I'm back in IKEA. In case you were wondering why I've been making monthly visits to IKEA, I'm one of their ambassadors - a title I'm thrilled about because of how much I bloody love the place. This time, I went there with my lovely partner-in-crime who once appeared so often on this blog until he got too busy for me. Before we arrived, I reminded him to remind me to photograph our meal. Alas, some meatballs and five chicken wings later, he exclaimed, "Eh! You didn't take a photo of our dinner!"

So that is why you have a photo of bones and one piece of chicken wing to start this post. And here's some stuffed greens just cos' it's damn cute:

It's no secret that I've been shopping for a new bed for ages. There's a lot of things to consider - price, space, space under the bed for me to stuff my stuff, the mattress, how sturdy the bed frame is, amongst other things, and I've finally decided on the one I'm getting. This bedroom set with the bed, and the wardrobe:

I've also decided on my mattress, which Fadz has approved, as you can see, as he tests out the mattress next to me.

Then, he too decides he needs a new mattress

Now I have to figure out how to move all the crap in my room, buy my new furniture, and move it all back in. Aiyoh.

Of course, when you're in IKEA, it's hard to leave empty handed. I had my eyes on these jello-esque lamps which were barely twenty bucks!

But instead I got bath towels for J and myself, and a super cute bowl/ cup that I will use for Froot Loops. Teehee.

And in case you were wondering, I was totally rockin' IKEA colours today too!