I have given up on the aforementioned Intermittent Diet - my schedule's too batshit crazy for me to stick to the same eight hours a day everyday of eating. Instead, I am welcoming, with open arms, the four-hour body diet that I love and made me feel like a million bucks when I adopted it as a part of my lifestyle.

Anyway, I whipped up an easy squid salad this evening for dinner and after I uploaded the photo on Instagram and Path, I had some people ask me where I had it, and what the recipe is. I don't make super complicated meals - which is why Thai is my favourite cuisine: it's fast, dependable and all you need is a handful of things to make a perfect dish.

I threw in my favourite greens [at the moment - rocket and baby spinach], sliced red onions, cherry tomatoes, squid that I freshly gutted and grilled - and I poured my favourite homemade salad dressing - cilantro, lemon, olive oil and my favourite, top notch ingredient, chilli padi.

The salad is fresh, zesty and gives that good saliva-inducing twang when the world of spicy and sour amalgamate.