I've never been a fan of Valentine's Day - not when I was single, and not now, when I'm happily in love.

I could start listing why I'm not welcoming this day with wide open arms: it's the oversized teddy bears that girls lug around Orchard Road like prized possessions that makes me want to gorge my eyes out, it's long-stemmed white roses that have been bastardised to become a rose of eleven different colours on a single stem - and have its beautiful long stems cut to fit a hideous arrangement, it's the marking up of prices, it's the flurry of my-gift-is-better-than-yours chatter. But listing it all would take all day.

I am not a bitter, jaded old fool. I am happily in love - I am so much in love than I love my man more today, than I did yesterday, and just as I thought I couldn't have it in me to more enamoured with someone, I prove myself wrong the very next day. It's the cheesy, unadulterated, grin-on-my-face, skip-in-my-step kind of love that involves meals in hawker centres, watching bootleg movies on laptops on Friday evenings, and the more-than-occasional sojourn to somewhere with lots of sand and sunshine. So, no, I am not a bitter, single old sucker that hates everything that is happy.

Here's the reason I can't stand Valentine's Day: "love" is forced on this manufactured holiday. Do you need to feel emotionally validated with gifts given to you on Valentine's Day? Do you need to validate the love you share by making sure he gets you something?

There's nothing quite like injecting spontaneity and romance randomly and being pleasantly surprised - instead of having a scheduled holiday that shouldn't even be called a holiday cos' you don't even get a day off work. I love my boyfriend - I don't need one day to tell him how much I love him.

Of course, that's just me.

That said, Happy Valentine's Day, kids. Don't get your panties in a bunch if your Valentine doesn't get you anything for Valentine's. As for us, I suspect we'll be vegging out in front of the telly, legs intertwined like vines, armed with Thai takeout and a dollop of Nutella [for me] - and I honestly couldn't imagine a better Tuesday night.