I don't welcome any other catalogue in my mail with wide open arms as I do IKEA's catalogues. Dripping with colour, storage solutions and gorgeous lil' knick knacks that make you wanna make a trip to IKEA pronto.

And it gets better - in case you haven't heard, IKEA goes on sale from 8th March, and IKEA Friends Members get to head to the store bright and early to hours before their usual opening hours for first fresh pickings of the sale. Of course, you need food to fuel your shopping - the delish IKEA Pancakes Breakfast is only $1 from 8 - 9.30am on 8th March!

My most recent trip to IKEA got me the Komplement Shoe Organizer, but of course, I haven't actually gotten to organising my babies because it depresses me fishing my shoes I can't wear at the moment out of their boxes. That said, these things are brilliant. I've fixed them up at the bottom of my closet and they look pretty cool, even without my beautiful shoes on 'em.

I also had a preview of the super cool space-saving things that are coming up soon in IKEA - including a sleek garbage bin that hangs on the wall instead of taking up space on the ground, but these are my two faves:

The RASKOG Trolly, Made of steel and available in turquoise or grey is an awesome addition to any kitchen & GLITTRAN Mixer Tap, Adds new style while reducing water usage. Taps reduce water flow by up to 30%.

God, I love IKEA.