As much as I'd like to be able to pull off doll-like fringes, I can't - so I resort to other things that have fringes - like this gorgeous Desti Saint Handbags Long Happiness Tassel Bag. It has over 1.2m of hand-knotted Italian leather tassel that swish while you walk. Perfect for days when you need something else to swing when you can't find it in yourself to do it.

In my bag today I have: my purple namecard holder [that holds four different types of namecards that I carry around], Victoria's Secret Noir Tease Body Mist, a really old Jacobs by Marc Jacobs key ring I bought from my first trip to NYC [waaay cuter one here], I'm Not a Shopaholic, I'm Helping the Economy notebook & pen, my favourite gold-rimmed Rayban aviators, Queen of F**king Everything lip gloss tin, purple python leather purse [similar here] and my trusty Allegra pills in case I get a case of the allergies.