I've always wanted to do that - make a reference to Estelle's American Boy song, to my boyfriend, and I finally have. Mission accomplished; but moving on to this post.

Here's a typical conversation that J and I have about shopping; J: So I bought a shirt the other day... Me: [interrupting] You always go shopping without me! You know I like shopping! J: It's the spur of the moment thing. I don't plan to go shopping, I just happen to have time to kill and think I need something. Me: What do you need? Let's go shopping now. J: I don't need anything.

Despite the fact that I love men's clothes [possibly more than I do women's], and J constantly asks me whether "You would wear something like that? It's sexy." [his way of subtly telling me to get something like that, of course], we have never ever gone shopping together.

I have, of course, in the almost one-and-a-half-years that we've been dating, being the loving, doting girlfriend that I am, been populating his wardrobe with things I think he needs. He hasn't worn a lot of them, but when he does - like today, when he had on a bright blue shirt I got him - I feel like high-fiving myself.

So when the good people at American Express asked me whether I would go shopping with some dough that they'd give me, I couldn't say no. But who would? Shopping for myself would be too easy, and honestly, it's not fun when you can't share the fun with people you love. So I roped J in.

I have a lot of love for my American Express card, particularly because I rake up frequent flyer miles every time I use it. But it's come to my attention, after bragging about the shopping experience I'm about to have with my friends, that there are some misconceptions about Amex! The horror.

Myth 1: American Express cards are not widely accepted. Nonsense. American Express focuses on fashion, dining and travel merchants to allow their Cardmembers to enjoy the finer things in life. Merchants who accept American Express cards include Club 21, brands under Wing Tai Asia, Tung Lok Group, The Straits Wine Company, The Prive Group, Tiffany and Dom Perignon, amongst many others.

Cardmembers can even choose their own merchants with the Rewards card!

Myth 2: American Express cards are only for individuals with a higher income ceiling Individuals with a monthly salary of $2,500 are eligible for the American Express Rewards card.

Myth 3: American Express has a poor rewards programme American Express provides a very well-received cashback system.

Rewards include shopping and hotel vouchers from Miss Selfridge, Topshop, Resorts World Sentosa, Bebe, Ted Baker, Mercure Krabi and Novotel Bali.

Our task? We have to find outfits for J's graduation from New York University this May! And armed with our American Express cards we will!

Should I put it on video? What do you think?