As promised, American Express took J and I on a shopping trip yesterday evening.

Let me start by saying this - I hate shopping with people. If I have gone shopping with you, I must either really, really love you, or you paid me to do it. I hate having to wait on people while they're in the changing room, and I hate people waiting on me too. I don't like when people tell me they don't like something I like, because I won't get it and then all I'd do when I get home is think about getting it.

I was ready for a challenge when American Express took us shopping. I love men's clothes, and I love my boyfriend, and it helps that AmEx has a ton of retailers under their fab Rewards programme. We kickstarted our expedition in Ion at Topman, under the Wingtai Group, for which AmEx has an exhaustive list of Rewards to pick from. From Warehouse to Pumpkin Patch to Ben Sherman, and even to Karen Millen!

J picked up a slim-cut gingham shirt pretty fast and I was quite pleased. Being American, he's always been wearing clothes that are cut bigger, and since he's been here, he's been discovering Asian and European labels that are cut slimmer, and way more flattering.

We soldiered on. We popped by Paul Smith, part of the Club 21 Group [and also in the Rewards programme!] and I salivated over the suits, and J salivated over the shoes, but we moved on to something more in our budget - under the Charles & Keith Group, Pedro. Yes, you can also claim your points for vouchers at Charles & Keith! Shoes galore!

We picked up these rockin' pair of tan pointy shoes for only $129. J needs a suit for his graduation, and I reckon he should get a navy blue slim-cut suit to match these shoes. Am I the only one who thinks of what shoes to wear before clothes?

I made a beeline for Sephora for my favourite Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub before we continued. Next on our list - J needed a pair of jeans that cut slimmer. He's not one to pull off skinny jeans [thank God!], but his jeans, I think are all too big for him. It became quite the challenge - we went from FOX to H&M to Levi's and none of them had anything that fit him well.

By that time, I was also famished and exhausted. It was past eight in the evening and I had been running from one meeting to another since noon, and have been on my feet all day. My boyfriend however, was determined to get himself a pair of jeans.

I eased him into Raoul in Paragon to try a couple of shirts, and we moved on to Guess next door, where he finally found jeans he loves and that works for him. Of course, it's from an American brand.

I also tried a dress from Guess, but they weren't part of the Amex Rewards programme, so I figured I should be spendin' my moolah somewhere else... like a pair of hot thigh-highs from La Senza, which was just upstairs!

And at the end of it all, we finished the evening with a cuisine we love and totally deserve - Thai at good 'ole Thai Express. Noms.

We spent $514 in all, and collected a ton of AmEx rewards whilst doing it. Thanks American Express for the shopping spree!