It was near-impossible for me to get up this morning. The lower-than-usual temperature and the soft winds lulled me to sleep every time I tried to fight it, and when time came for me to submit to reality, I wasn't really looking forward to picking an outfit out of the abyss that is my wardrobe.

I threw on myspringfling's latest piece, The Winds Will Carry You Pussybow Dress. It's a bit boho, and a bit prissy princessy, with the pussybow details. It's my favourite to-go dress since the lovely folks at myspringfling sent it to me, and I'm not just saying it - I love the incredibly comfy lining, I love that it makes me feel less fat on ultra fat days, and most of all, I'm surprised at how much I'm loving how the shade of brick red looks on me!

If there's one thing you can count on on thedramadiaries, you know I will never write about something I don't like. I've sold out enough for my job, I don't need to when it comes to my blog. ;o)

The Winds Will Carry You Dress may be sold out on myspringfling, but get on their Facebook to find out what's coming.