Mom and me, in the late 80s.

My mother doesn't go to the doctor when she's ill. She's terrified of doctors. She panics when she knows I'm trying to smuggle gum through the Causeway into Singapore. She gets terrified every single time I board a plane for a trip alone, and heaven only knows how many times I've travelled by myself. She fears for my and my brother's safety when we decide to jump off cliffs, jump off planes, and the many ridiculous things we do that we never tell her what we do until after it's all over.

My mother is probably one of the meekest people I know. She's the complete opposite of what I am. She's patient, she's quiet and she'd rather kick back and turn the other way instead of proving herself right.

And yet, five years ago when my father was told his kidneys had failed, my mother, without a second thought, donated hers. And for that reason, and the many other reasons that I discover on a daily basis [including being brave enough to still be my mom], my mother is the most fearless person I know. And I would be so blessed to even be half the woman she is.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom. Love you heaps.