I'm sorry my blog has been quiet of late. Reality has hit - J has only two weeks left in Singapore before he moves back to the US for good. I'm visiting in the summer, of course, but suddenly, I'm a basketcase of emotions, a lot of which I can't seem to handle.

I'm scared of a lot of things, mostly, of how unbearable it'll be to miss him. Everything I love, I've shared with him; with him not being here, the memory of him will haunt the places, the routes, everything that I find dear. Everything will remind me of him. Everything - how much he loves a certain dress on me, or an annoying remark about my accessories. Every time I was one of the many TV shows I watch, I'll hear his comments in my head. Every time I say something I always say, I'll hear his head in my voice imitating me. Everything.

For now, I'm sad, I'm scared, and I'm just staying afloat to breathe.