If there are three things that will sure to lift my dampened spirits, it's travel, shopping or food. And it's also these three things that will see me up too early on a Saturday morning bouncing off the walls in excitement. My brother, my colleague Kerryn and I, hit Blueprint Emporium bright and early while people were still setting up. I love the cozier set up this year, as compared to the one at Marina Bay Sands last year. More importantly, here was what we got:

1. Desti Saint Handbags, from a few seasons ago for our mum. SGD$20 down from USD$169! The current season pieces are on 10% just for these two days!

2. Purple python purse by Emblem, from the good people at Asia Fashion Inc who gave me a wicked discount! Thanks so much, and thanks for reading thedramadiaries! ;o) I'm also obsessed with this clutch that has a miniature version of a door knocker.

My brother paid for the purse for me as an early birthday gift! Thanks, Feiztaples! [His Twitter username is my nickname for him]

3. The coolest purchase of all, was my brother's. A gold ceramic bow tie by Italian label Cor Sine Labe Doli. He's experiencing a bit of cognitive dissonance because it's the most expensive fashion item he's owned to date, but seriously, this bow tie is so bloody brilliant, it's totally worth it. $248, from Curated Editions booth. Also comes in silver, gunmetal, white and matte black!

Other deals:

  • United Nude shoes up to 70% off.
  • Carrie K up to 35% off.
  • ELOHIM By SabrinaGoh at 50% off.

I'll probably be making another trip with J in tow after our virgin yoga class at Yoga Movement tomorrow!