Pin-up Parade

I have met a lot of hot women in my lifetime. I used to be in such awe [and resentment] of such perfect little lithe bodies of models, but now, I just comfort myself by believing that while God didn't give me amazing metabolism and legs all the way up to my neck, He did make me pretty damn smart.

Anyway, Scott and I embarked on another project - this time for the cover and inside spread of the October issue of VIP. Because we've had an art director before, I've never had to conceptualise or coordinate any of the cover shoots, though I did style them. This time, because the magazine has yet to find a replacement, I was left in charge of the cover on top of my fashion spread. Not that I minded, especially because October is our fashion issue and I was looking forward to having my name plonked all over the place.

Anyway, we decided to do a 50s pin up shoot - the first studio editorial shoot we've ever done, and after a crazy week of having to look for vintage crap [I found myself all the way in the Upper Serangoon Road Salvation Army Family Store - which was a bloody waste of my time!], and casting model after model, we finally pulled it all together with Joanna doing the hair and make up.

Back to hot women - if you need some thinspiration for the rest of the week, keep coming back and checking out these photos of Brazilian hottie, Isabella:

Tell me how does one not resent herself when faced with someone this beautiful? I know not.

Anyway, because Isabella had to go to some "not real" [her words] fashion show at the YSL boutique for tai tais at 4pm and we had to get hair and make up going and set up lighting, to go through about 9 shots, we kickstarted the shoot at 7 in the morning.

And it was worth it. The shoot turned out incredible, and I can't wait to see the retouched images! Here are some behind-the-scenes:

Watch this space for the outcome! ;o)