The one-liner title I have for this post is from the lyrics of Maroon 5's Payphone. Seriously. All these love songs about missing people, people dying, love lost, love love love. I'm about to shoot myself in the head from it. Speaking of which, my spirits were lifted this after I Skyped with J this afternoon before I left for my meetings. I didn't have much to tell him, because while he's flown over several oceans and drove home from JFK, I've just been buried under covers crying my eyes out. But it felt incredible seeing his face, listening to him laughing, watching his expressions... just missing a few sensory experiences that include breathing in whiffs of his cologne, amongst other things...

I was inspired enough to pull myself out of my bed and throw together this outfit for a meeting:

And then, I played house with Zoie, who now has a penchant for making faces at the camera.

I lived through Day 3 without J. Let's see how long I have to go.

And just cos' Adam Levine is hot, here's the video of Payphone: