You may already know of my love for Instagram. [If you don't, this, this and this can be used as evidence for this obsession]. It's probably the app I use most on my phone, perhaps second to Twitter, mostly to indulge in voyeurism. I have to admit, I pick and choose whom to follow. People who Instagram frequently, and have interesting subjects [I don't mind some selfies, but photos of your duckface self all the time makes me want to punch you], and people whose photos make me happy. Here are some of my Instagram faves. And... you can follow me on Instagram at @fazabdulgaffa


@jolenekcw, also the lovely lady behind Cupcake Weekend, has perfected the art of Instagram. Her photos of breakfasts, coffee breaks, her adorable lil' canines and her random sojourns are bathed in succulent filters that conjure the same laid back tranquility that comes when you kick back in your favourite bathers by the beach armed with a cool peach popsicle.


What's there not to love about this brand? They're quirky, they've got a sense of humour and they've got the BEST tagline: Live Colorfully. My life's motto exactly. @katespadeny's Instagram feed is just that - oodles of colour, fabulousity, ice cream and shoes. And the occasional preview to the coming collections!


One of my favourite bloggers, @galadarling's Instagram is bursting with colour. It's frivolity mixed with fun: it's pink tutu skirts and crazy high heels, it's ridunkulously awesome sunnies with the perfect backdrop that is New York City.


@bleubirdvintage posts a lot of things, clothes, food, but my favourite photos of hers are when she posts pics of her adorable lil' tot. With golden ringlets and adorable vintage garb, she makes me die a little inside. And they have chickens for pets. Chickens!


An acquaintance based in London, @jiamins has an awesome collection of shoes. On top of that her photos make your tummy rumble, make you wanna go out shoe shopping and they ignite wanderlust. Love!

There are heaps more, of course! Maybe I'll do a second part to this post! Who are your favourite Instagrammers?