J's been gone for two weeks now - three weekends, which prove to be the worst time for me because I have so much time to myself. I've discovered that while he's never going to be out of my mind, the only way for me to not be reminded of how much I miss him is to keep myself occupied. Now that my once-broken toe is almost completely healed, I've started to work out again, and I've started going for yoga. Well, I went to yoga with J on a Sunday before he left and I went again yesterday. I'm ridiculously inflexible, but I do enjoy pushing my limits each class.

I picked up this awesome tshirt dress by local label MASH UP, from their Spring Summer 2012 Collection, Totemania. This collection was inspired by Native Americans who told stories through totem poles. Anybody who's familiar with closet will tell you that this is right up my alley. Loud prints, a potpourri of insane colours, and most importantly, a wicked fit. I'm actually contemplating of getting another - yes, I'm one of those people who buy multiple pieces of the same item that I love.

Anybody wants to come for yoga with me at Yoga Movement? ;o)