So, I'm feeling a bit better. A teensy bit, until somebody, or something comes and reminds me that my boyfriend is 14,121km away [yes, I looked that up]. I've been staying far away from shopping, and focusing my energy on other things. I am embarking on a big project that will require a lot of concentration and dedication from tomorrow. It will also leave me frustrated and emotional - perhaps even more so than I am now - but I will suck it up and carry on.

* 7 of the most egg-citing brunch spots according to my friends and Twitter followers. I actually didn't know this article was up until my cousin Mush hit the Facebook Like button and it showed up on her feed. It's the start of a series... I'm doing Top Brunch Spots with Wicked Views, and Brunch Spots with Awesome Coffees next. Holla at me if you know of any and I'll quote you!

* Photography is one of the most important aspects of a blog. Whilst the most popular blogs in Singapore are that of girls taking photo after photo after photo of themselves widening their eyes till they form wrinkles on their foreheads [and then getting fillers at the ripe old age of 25], you can choose to steer away from that and learn how to take nice photos right in your own home. Ilyana, who writes Tea Noir, is just one example - she takes stunning photos of the simplest things and it keeps me twiddling my thumbs in anticipation of her next post.

* Schmidt. Of New Girl. Best. Video. EVER.

* Rethink your drink. How much sugar your favourite drinks contain. This sh*t cray!

* How to pose like a fashion blogger. So funny, cracked me up!

* When I have my own office, I'd totally have these permanent balloons. Who remembers these past thedramadiaries header photos:


* The Mad Men Season finale has my Agent Provocateur knickers in knots. Severe knots. I can't bloody wait!

* The best movie of the summer. Forget the Avengers, don't even talk about the superhero comics-turned-into-movies that's coming out, even Madagascar 3, as much as I love King Julien, doesn't stand a chance. Ladies and gentlemen, the best movie this summer. All this movie needed were Boris Kodjoe and Rodrigo Santoro. Holy f**k.

* Other worthy mentions Long time friends - I'm talkin' about 20 years! / Wanting to sock people who've never been in long-distance relationships who want to give me advice / Channeling all my anger into trying to touch my toes at yoga / emails from J/ waking up to texts from J/ Dreary cool days! / Domestication / Going to bed at 10.30 cos' I can/

What's on your Love List, bunnies?