Time and time again, the confidence you possess and exude is highlighted as one of the most attractive qualities a person can acquire. Whether you're trying to attract [and hold!] That Hottie's attention, or you're trying to score The Dream Job, confidence goes a long way.

While not all of us are blessed with environments that inculcate self-confidence, it is something you can learn to develop on your own. Here are some ways how:

1. Know Your Style

Any reputable stylist, It Girl, or fashion maven will tell you to quit following trends blindly and learn what your strengths and weaknesses are. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, but learn from your mistakes. Understand what your strengths are and accentuate them. Learn to disguise your weaknesses as well. Get a trusty hairstylist you can always count on. Scope out bloggers, industry influencers and Tinseltowners whose body shapes are similar to yours and see what works for them and what doesn't. Style isn't something you acquire overnight; do your homework.

2. Face Your Fears

I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear. Nelson Mandela

Fear is often a facade of what you really wish to attain in life. Every time your breath catches in your throat, or you're holding yourself back, keep that understanding as to why that specific fear is present in your life. Conquering it and staring it down like the mother of a bitch that it is will give you power in the form of confidence. Every time you doubt yourself, look back and remember your successes. You have more triumphs that you know you have, and you shouldn't discredit any of them. You earned them all. Use how you took on your past with your fears in the present.

3. Take Care of Yourself

Stop berating yourself for what you didn’t do, stop criticising yourself for the mistakes you've made and let it go. Make sure you do better tomorrow. When you feel close to being burnt out, take a breather and allow yourself to be pampered. Treat yourself to something you enjoy at the end of every day. Whether it is watching your favourite TV show, or indulging in a good book with a luxurious candle by my side. When you know you've done all you can in one day, and you've done it your best, give yourself a pat on the back.

4. Fake It

Fake it till you make it, bitchez. The truth is nobody is confident 100% of the time. We have shitty days, bodily hangups, things we wanna slit out wrists about, but it doesn't mean everybody needs to know about it. If you're meeting a person for the first time and you're asked to talk about yourself, don't put yourself down. Highlight what you're most proud of about yourself and when you do it sincerely, it shows that you believe in yourself and what you do.