It's not very often I go six days without updating my blog, and I appreciate the tweets and emails of concern. I haven't died, I've just been buried under an avalanche of work-related things that actually pay my bills and my sojourns, whereas thedramadiaries remains a hobby. Which is why you shouldn't call me a blogger - it makes my skin crawl. I'm a writer with a blog. Deal with it. ;o) And now... let's bring on the 58th Love List!

* Bugged out While Faz a few years ago would happily throw on heavyass chandelier earrings, mid-twenties Faz is more practical with studs and lighter pieces of jewellery on her ears. These bug earrings, though, blew my freakin' mind. I saw them months ago, and they got sold out, and now they're back and they're in my hands. I took them out for a spin, and they were so freakin' heavy... but also so freakin' pretty! This morning, it felt like my ears were given a work out.

* The Search for a New Camera I've had the LX3 for a couple of years now, and even then, I bought it second hand [for a steal!]. It's followed me to many ends of the Earth, and considering how it's functioning, it's time for a new camera. I'd like something that size, and that looks good and works just as well, so I've been toying with the idea of the Fujifilm Finepix x100, the Fujifilm Finepix x10 or to stick to Panasonic, the Lumix LX5. Anybody with experiences with any of the cameras including my LX3, holla at me? Pretty please?

* Skinny Pizza I like Skinny Pizza, but not for their signature skinny pizzas. Instead, their Great World City outlet serves up some wicked gourmet hotdogs that are perfect for sneaking in to the movie theatre [beats the crap Golden Village or Cathay tries to pass off as food! At least Cathay serves up better caramel popcorn - but I don't like popcorn]

* Long Distance Chronicles I'm thankful for technology. / I'm dying for a vacation but I need to save money / I can't believe J has been gone for slightly more than six weeks. I never thought I'd live through Day 6, much less Week 6, but you never know what you're truly capable of until you put yourself through the test. / I'm dying to book a trip and get outta here pronto

* Milo has got to be the best drink in the world.

* Bugs ruins lives. Save for ladybugs cos' they're so pretty, but other than that... I hate ants, and I hope this tip on killing 'em is true. Totes trying it out!

* Do you blog about food? This post about props and food styling will come in handy!

* My new job! I LOVE my new job. My colleagues are fun, my Managing Ed thinks I've got a wicked sense of humour [her words, not mine, and I can't help but to love people who think I'm funny anyway], I can write ridiculous articles that have me in fits of laughter at my desk, amongst other things that make me look forward to work. 'Cept for the commute. Anybody who lives in Bedok & works in Bukit Merah wants to split cab fare?

* My hair I don't remember a life without Andrea. I don't remember a hair cut I was entirely happy with [thus, I've had long, long hair for as long as I can remember until she chopped it all off two years ago!] until I met her, and just the past week, she put highlights that only show off under light. I'll snap a photo for y'all soon.

What's on your Love List this week, kitty cats?