Last month, one my my favourite people, and the editor at Designaré HOMME, Jeremy Gopalan, assigned me to a series of five interviews that featured the winners of their Men of the Year Awards. I've been doing interviews for eight years now, right from the very beginning when I interviewed Anita Kapoor and the cast of the Vagina Monologue on the third day of my internship. I love and loathe interviews. There are those, like the ones I did with Utt below, the one with Anita when I was an itty bitty intern and a particular one with Mika I did a couple years ago, that leave me pumping with adrenalin, inspired to write up a storm. And then there are others, [I won't mention which ones] that I will have me physically hold myself back from rolling my eyes at the interview.

When you meet people who have an avenue to inspire change, who have a platform to make their thoughts heard, it gets terribly disappointing when they haven't got much to say other than things I can already read on the Internet.

All that said, Utt's was the first interview I did of the series. I remember coming home from school as a teen and switching on the telly [after I was done reading the eight The Babysitters' Club books I'd borrow from the library at one go every Saturday without fail] and watching Utt on MTV. So funny how I've gone from watching him on the goggle box to sitting down with him while he chowed down on a fresh crepe in a random cafe on Tanjong Pagar.

It's a pity I had a word limit to adhere to. Utt had a lot of things to say, and he came across genuine, intelligent and inspiring. What a nice guy!

Click the image to read the interview. ;o)