A few weeks ago, a PR agency representing Mendis Aesthetics pitched a lunch time beauty fix-up story for, offering me a trial of one of their lunch menu. Their menu ranged from Botox, to Fillers, to Exilis, a non-invasive device for body contouring, skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. I won't go in depth about the treatment, because I'm writing a review on it for inSing [and I'll post a link when it's up], but here are the photos. The results are incredible. Dr Rohan suggested I do it on the smallest area so I could see the results better, so he suggested I do it on my face, and I was more than happy to. This was me after the first session. I wish I took a "before" photo of myself on the same day. One side of my face is much bigger than the other, no thanks to a surgery I did on my teeth a few years ago, and it's more obvious when my face has been slimmed down. [No editing has been done to my face in photos below at all]:

I went for my second session yesterday, and they took my face down even more, and they've managed to almost balance one side with the other:

No needles, no pain. All done in ten-minute sessions each. AND it lasts for 1.5 years as long as you maintain your weight. it's relatively affordable compared to similar targeted slimming/ contouring technologies and it's brilliant for stubborn targeted areas like your triceps, love handles, and such. Hold on to your knickers and twiddle your thumbs in anticipation of my review... ;o)

UPDATED - Exilis: The Real Slim Shady - clickety click to read my review! xo