A few weeks ago, I interviewed a local designer at her studio. It was a two-hour interview/ getting-to-know-her session, and I left with renewed faith in the fashion industry, especially having written this rant only a few days prior to my meeting her. She was articulate, intelligent and she wasn't out to kiss ass or boot lick. Her brand and her name that she has managed to develop and carve out in the industry was through nothing but hard work and a good head on her shoulders. Of course, it helps that she's older than the usual "young designer" in the field. Eight years on, interviews remain to be one of my favourite parts of my job. There's nothing quite like vibing off an interviewee's energy and vigour for life and dedication to what they do for a living. It's always an experience listening to people's stories of how they have busted their booties/ how they are still busting their booties to do what they love, and at the end of the day, to go to bed, completely happy.

Unfortunately, in this case, the designer that I interviewed didn't like the piece that was published. During the interview, she highlighted several brands, and figured I wouldn't put it in print. Rule of thumb - if you don't it in print, don't say it. I printed it because it made the interview more candid, and it was brutally honest - a quality you don't come across very often in the media or fashion, which was very refreshing. She highlighted three things she wanted to have changed in the interview, and out of goodwill, I changed one.

At the very beginning of my career, before I went out for my first interview on the third day of my internship, my editor, Phin, told me - "There is no such thing as off the record. Remember that."