I love this quote above. It resonates with me more than any cheesy inspirational quote, because it sums up everything that you'd feel when you're on the brink of delving deep into something and you're hesitating. I know a lot of people who are unhappy with their lives, unsatisfied with their jobs, walking blindly with arms forward desperate to grab on to something that will make them happy.

I am happy. I wasn't always happy. I come from a family where my career path is completely unconventional. Had it been up to my mother, I would have gone to a stellar high school, proceeded to junior college and then to a university. I went a whole different route, disappointed my parents, and at the same time, threw them off their game because they didn't know what to expect of me and what to expect in my future any more.

Sometimes I wonder what would I have been. Every single person in my maternal extended family is an educator of some sort. Those who don't do teach? Perhaps. There are people made to be teachers, and then there are others afraid of what lies ahead when they do what they really want to. I wouldn't have known any other way around what my life has turned out to be, and I don't care for it at all.

And more than just my career, I've made leaps where and when people wouldn't necessarily approve. Left a job to travel because it was the right time [or because tickets were on sale], jumped at an opportunity because it sounded so damn fun and ridiculous and exhilirating.

Sure, there have been stupid decisions I've made, but you eventually just learn from your mistakes and hope that the lessons you take from it make you a better person. I'm not saying my life is exemplary, nor am I saying the decisions I have made and will make are the best, but I know I've had  a shitload of fun, and there's only much, much more to come.

So make your leap, do that thing. Whatever it is that you want to do, that you've been dying to do, that's gotten your knickers in knots and your heart in somersaults. Life's not easy - the least you could do is have fun going through it. Go kick life in the family jewels, guys. ;o)