Two of my cousins' kids, Aishah, and Nora.

While I welcome Ramadan with wide open arms, Eid is a different matter all together. Because my father is the eldest in the paternal side of the family, people tend to come to our home on the first day. Thankfully, over the years, due to multiple families in the paternal side of the family causing distress to mine, we have cut off all ties and I'm never acknowledging them as family. Such drama, I know.

But without them in my family, I'm happy to say, I'm more welcoming of Eid than I was before. There will always be awkward forced small talk, but there will no longer be forced small talk with people whose guts I detest and whose faces I want to punch in.

Instead, today was spent with people whose company I enjoy, kids who used up all my energy and without fail, stuffing my face with my mum's amazing food. Time for a run now.