I am a meticulous packer. I hate packing, because I want to bring my whole room along, but I am a meticulous packer. It's something I get from my mother. Two weeks before she goes on a trip, she'd fish out her suitcase from hiding and start packing things bit by bit as she remembers them. Like her, I'd fish out my suitcase two weeks in advance, create lists of outfits, beauty and hygiene products, and other necessities and pack and unpack them and finally, like now, three days before I leave, settle on what exactly I want to bring.

So yes, I'm packed. My suitcase, which deserves a whole post by itself, is a 22kg abyss of clothes, shoes, bags, my friends' Singapore-related cravings and my boyfriend's vanity products. I've also packed a straw hat in there and hoping it doesn't get squished.

My carry-on, on the other hand, is a big stylish glob of pink. I'm not kidding:

No, I'm not wearing pink as well.

Here's what goes in to my pink carry-on suitcase:

  • Travel pillow & blanket - I feel icky about the ones they give you on the plane. Who knows who has used it before and doing what with it. I don't want to spend 10 hours thinking about the germs on the blanket I'm covering myself with. #hypochondriac
  • MacBook Pro - keep your friends close, keep your Mac closer.
  • Medicinal essentials
  • Two SKII face masks to scare the person next to me and hydrate my skin at the same time.
  • Travel toiletries
  • A change of underwear. Because I am not going to live in the same underwear for almost 24 hours.

In my almost one-year-old Balenciaga:

  • Passport, pen & travel documents in a deep fuchsia travel wallet
  • My purple wallet
  • My Kindle loaded up with new books
  • iPod Nano, iPhone
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste
  • Wet wipes - never leave home without them
  • Heavy duty lipbalm and moisturiser
  • My jewellery
  • Glasses & shades
  • Empty bottle to fill with water once I've boarded the plane

I'm usually dressed in jeans, and after I've checked in, I'd change into thin leggings to cozy up for a long flight. But this time, since I've discovered Lulu Lemon's wonderful thick tights, I'm going to throw them with a Lulu Lemon sports bra, Victoria's Secret tank top, super comfy GAP hoodie I got at half off at their summer sale - and I'm going to wear trainers. I'm going to wear trainers when I'm not running or going to the gym. I'm going to look like a pink-obsessed gym bunny travelling across the world. Or at least that's the look I'm going for.

What kind of packer are you? A last minute one? Meticulously anal like me?

I'll try write something up before I leave, but if I don't, see you in Los Angeles, kitty cats!