I've been away for a week now, since last Saturday, but while all y'all in the other hemisphere are falling asleep [or out partying] on Friday night/ Saturday morning, I've just woken up from my slumber to face another sunny day in Los Angeles.

* Mexican food is just the best. It's spicy and cheesy, and flavourful. I had this taco yesterday:

Marinated grilled steak served on a warm stone-ground corn tortilla with toasted cheese, topped with buttery avocado slices, habanero citrus salsa and creamy chipotle sauce, a cilantro/onion mix and cotija cheese. Of course, I'm eating steamed vegetables today, but it was totally worth the calories.

* Shopping I haven't been shopping. Can you believe it? I walk in and out of stores empty handed, and instead, I scout for the nearest Pinkberry for a froyo. I did however, buy four pairs of shoes, but only two were for me and I needed sandals to replace the ones I wrecked.

* Yelp I can't believe I've only just discovered the Yelp app. Sure, I turn to it when I'm googling establishments but only thanks to my friend Vanessa, I've downloaded the app and it's such a saviour when you're unfamiliar to a place and looking for shops/ nail salons/ food/ coffee/ whatever. If you're travelling to the US, download this baddass motherfucka.

* The Pacific Ocean I took my first dip in the Pacific Ocean yesterday and it was cold! What was cooler was the fact that as we were walking to the beach, we saw three wild dolphins just randomly swimming near shore. This city girl had her mind blown. I also saw a wild bunny whilst hiking which got me excited. Such a dork, seriously.

* Time with J I've missed J so, so much and it has been such a treat being able to spend so much time with him. Relationships usually mean that you see one another on a regular basis, but long distance relationships are a whole new dimension of mind fuck all together. Time and distance are not my best friends, so for now, I'll just relish in the sweet comfort knowing that he's an arm's length away, until I bid him farewell in a few days.

What's on your Love List, sweethearts?