Shadows at sunset in Hollywood; Capitol Record building; my favourite Mexican corn & Strippers galore!

My love; Hunting for Pinkberry in Santa Monica, A cool store in Malibu & KitKats I bought in Narita.

In SPF we trust; Walking down Sunset Blvd at sunset, Our quaint street & New shoes!

Revlon lipbutters; A very cool mirror in a taco shop; Sunset Blvd at midday; Roofs on fire in Santa Monica.

J and I are slightly two months short of our second anniversary. I'm not a celebratory anniversary kind of person but the past three and a half months of being far away from each other is enough a cause to celebrate anything really. I'm no expert on relationships, and I doubt I'd ever be, but as far as J and I are concerned, I know for a fact that being with him makes me a better version of myself, and I have never ever been happier than I am today. :o)