Signs I'm stuck in a funk: 1. My eyebrows look like they belong on a !Kung bushwoman 2. My feet look like hooves, but I can't be bothered to drag myself to the nail salon. 3. I've fallen ill twice since I've been back. 4. The only thing I've bothered cooking are sunnyside up eggs. The other day I took a bit more effort and made scrambled eggs and drenched it with hot sauce. 5. All I want to do after work is go for yoga, or sit at home watching reruns on my Mac. 6. All I want to wear are my super soft v-neck tee from Target, and a pair of Citizen of Humanity cutoffs that I got from Nordstrom Rack for $12.90. -chest bumps self-

Ugh. Stuck. In. A. Funk.