For years, I've just worn old clothes to work out. My rationale was - why bother wearing pretty clothes when you're going to be a hot mess sweating it out anyway. That is, until I started downward dogging [which I prefer saying than yoga. Heh heh] four months ago and I started scouring the web for yoga gear.

While you would sweat like a whore at church at hot yoga classes, it's not a high impact class so boobies don't need as much support as they would when you're running, or kickboxing, so I turned to LuluLemon for tops with built-in bras. I've raved about their line of sports bras before, and I will continue raving about the wicked products they have. Their Wunder Under tights, for example? Best thing EVER to travel in.

The shorts I'm wearing in the photo were a pair I got on sale from Nike, but Target does make awesome [and ridunkulously cheap] workout gear too.

What do you wear when you bust your booty?