You know how the grass is always greener on the other side? Yeah. I love my hair. LOVE. But once in a while I wish I had big, poofy hair. And so that's what I gave myself last night.

Teeny tiny ragcurls that took five episodes of Modern Family, and a couple of hours to set before I got bigass Diana Ross hair that had me bouncing [quite literally] all over the place last night.

I followed super funny Annie K's tutorial on, got a neck cramp but it was totally worth it.

I scared myself this morning when I was brushing my teeth but after about three heavy doses of conditioner, my usual locks are back and I'd hug them if I could contort myself that way.

To relive my curly wurlies [and because I have to go on a naturopath-specified diet from tomorrow cos' of my eczema], I made some spicy squid ink fettuccine for lunch. Yum!