Hello lovers! I am blissfully buried under my sheets on a Friday night after a long week, and what better way to reflect and give thanks than a Love List!

* Reunited in 13 days! While some people have been luckier to have budget airlines and flexible schedules to see the beaus when in a long distance relationship, I can't complain myself. J has been in LA for five months come end of this month, and we'd have spent close to a month if I put the days of my trips - the last, and the one coming - together! It could be better, but it could always, always be worse, and for now, I'm in great spirits because I will be seeing him in less than two weeks!

* Move over, ASOS Instead of dresses and shoes, shopping that have been sent to my doorstep [and to be honest, my boyfriend's doorstep] lately are booty shorts and tanks for hot yoga. When I started, I just threw on cheapie tights with tanks, until I downward dogged, and looked at my ass through my legs on the mirrored wall at the back of the class and realise that I've sweated through my thin cheap tights to reveal my Victoria's Secret hot pink knickers to the world. Good job, Faz.

* Tis' my most favourite time of the year The last quarter of the year brings me so much joy. Starting with Halloween of course. Not only are you allowed to dress up, be sparkly, and pretty, and ridiculously ghouly as you want, it is also J's and my anniversary! We're two this year and I couldn't be happier.

* Other worthy mentions This AWESOME chocolate spoon that my Will [as in Will & Grace] got me from Korea / Fresh lilies! / Disney Priness Bandaids / The New Normal / HALLOWEEN! / Stay-home Saturdays/ Welcoming Fall with wide open arms / luxurious scented candles/ Zara Home in the US - I'm going to pass out from sheer excitement! /

What's on your Love List, dahhhlings?